The Product Pricing Game

I’m very excited to give you a sneak-peak of my new products! Pardon the crappy lighting, it was after 10pm…I was just too excited not to snap a photo to share in the morning. At some point they’ll all have chain attached. Clearly the coffee cup is my favorite, but I do also really like the “cheep” one! I might wear that today if I can find something to match it.


Now, the problem I’m running into is what I price I want to list these at.

I did some “comparison shopping”, if you will, on Etsy. It’s so tricky…everybody’s is just so unique. By looking at others’ pricing, I have a span of a few dollars that I’m thinking I could list it at. The part I think I’m having the hardest time with, is some of the materials can be spread from several projects (ex. Mod Podge). I have a hard time guessing how far that’ll stretch.

For some reason, pricing the candles was a cinch. I just kind of figured what each candle cost to make, and then go from there with the paying for time and such. A nice thing about jewelry versus candles is the shipping will be much less!

I have to get myself in gear for making more candles, though. I have a flea market to sell at the first weekend of May. I have stuff…but not as much as I think would sell. Especially the weekend before Mother’s Day!


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