Tweaking, Working and Snow

Hello there. It’s been a while. I’ll try to be better, I promise.

Lately, I have been tweaking my Etsy shop. So far I have added the shop announcements, policies and such. Last night I updated my shop banner to something that was more cohesive. This is it!

Work has been interesting. They’ve cut hours, so my shifts are more middle-of-the-day shifts. This makes it hard to create anything in the morning and in the evenings. Night time will have to become my time.

Now, for the rant everyone’s probably sick of by now. In Central Minnesota, we have SNOW. It is STILL snowing. For those of you who think MN is just a frozen tundra 100% of the time, would be surprised to know that right now it should be green outside…not WHITE. *grumble*

I was looking forward to doing April’s photo challenge some other bloggers had posted. By the time I looked at the list, it was already the 7th. MAYBE next month! I’d really like to try.

Ok, I’ve put off bedtime for much too long. The Man just started a new night job…so I’m really not looking forward to sleeping in that empty bed.


The Product Pricing Game

I’m very excited to give you a sneak-peak of my new products! Pardon the crappy lighting, it was after 10pm…I was just too excited not to snap a photo to share in the morning. At some point they’ll all have chain attached. Clearly the coffee cup is my favorite, but I do also really like the “cheep” one! I might wear that today if I can find something to match it.


Now, the problem I’m running into is what I price I want to list these at.

I did some “comparison shopping”, if you will, on Etsy. It’s so tricky…everybody’s is just so unique. By looking at others’ pricing, I have a span of a few dollars that I’m thinking I could list it at. The part I think I’m having the hardest time with, is some of the materials can be spread from several projects (ex. Mod Podge). I have a hard time guessing how far that’ll stretch.

For some reason, pricing the candles was a cinch. I just kind of figured what each candle cost to make, and then go from there with the paying for time and such. A nice thing about jewelry versus candles is the shipping will be much less!

I have to get myself in gear for making more candles, though. I have a flea market to sell at the first weekend of May. I have stuff…but not as much as I think would sell. Especially the weekend before Mother’s Day!

To my sweet, Gramma Gi-Gi.

Just over a month ago, I lost my Gramma to cancer.

Let’s go back to the very beginning. My Gramma was the oldest of several children, at least 10, but the actual count I’m unsure. She was born in 1919, was a child through my favorite era, the 1920s. She went through The Depression, lived through World War II. She was the toughest, sweet person I ever knew.

She married her first husband and had five children with him. She then became a widow.

She met my Grampa by watching his 5 children while he went to work. They soon became an item and wed. They each adopted the other’s 5 children.

THEN, if 10 kids weren’t enough, they went ahead and had 5 more! My Mom is the oldest of the last 5. My mom was born when Gramma was 40, and she had 4 after that. Back in 1960 (If you’re reading this, Mom, sorry for the age give-away!) that was probably super risky.

My Gramma and Grampa lived happily together with their wild and crazy children (so I’ve heard). On top of the 10 kids, she took care of her mom, my Great-Gramma, who was had severe dimentia. She eventually moved into a nursing home.

My family moved in next door in about 1988(?). I have a lot of great memories about growing up next to her and Grampa. I got to spend a lot of time with my cousins, which was nice since our neighborhood was full of “old people” at the time. My sisters and I had somebody to spend time with.

Gramma became a widow again in 1990. My Grampa had pre-existing heart conditions and passed away from a heart attack on Columbus Day, 1990.

She had fallen a couple of years back and had to go to the hospital. While they were doing all of their x-rays and such, they came across a tumor in her uterine area (where exactly, I don’t recall). That weekend, when we went to visit her in the hospital, I announced we were having a baby. We all decided quality of life was best, so we opted out  of the chemo beast.

I named my daughter after my Great-Gramma (her mom) and her middle name is my Gramma’s name. Once my little sweetie was born, I started calling my Gramma “Gramma Gi-Gi”. They had a close bond that I’m not even sure I understand. I believe she’s watching over us all, but especially my babycakes.

Once the cancer monster struck, it struck hard and fast. The whole process was less than two weeks. She was 93 years old. Though we all know she lived a long, full life, it didn’t make it any easier. I still miss her to this day…and probably forever.

My Gramma Gi-Gi has always been an inspiration to me. Image

This photo was taken on my parents’ wedding day. That is my dad, of course, and Gramma Gi-Gi. I love the expression on their faces!

There are not enough hours in the day!

I wonder how people like Oprah do it. Do what? Survive, and thrive, on four-ish hours of sleep.

There are absolutely no complaints about having to work a full time job, raise my daughter, or anything like that. It would just be nice to have more time while the world is asleep to catch up on blogs, take photos for my Etsy store (though the lighting’s better during the day), and read some helpful business books.

For now, it’s get up extra early (which still provides me with sufficient sleep, mind you) and take care of any computer oriented stuff. The photo taking is reserved for naptimes on my days off…if I’m not in the middle of something else naptime-oriented.

And, just in case you were wondering, this is me and my daughter. This was taken at Christmas, so it’s a few months old.

Can you smell the wet paint?

Well, here goes my first official blog entry. At this point I’m basically talking to myself. I’m starting from square one, here.

My name is Ambur. I live in Central Minnesota with my boyfriend and our child, a one and a half year old daughter.

I currently make colorful, highly scented, soy candles (pictured below). My mind keeps wandering to other mediums and projects I’d like to try.


Please, feel free to follow my blog and introduce yourselves. I’d love to meet more bloggers!